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Sales will be running 4/18 through 4/20 at both store locations (House of Hash, The Farm Stand).
NEW! All-in-One Disposable Device All-in-one Disposable Device – .5g Distillate – $35 Available in 7 unique flavors: Banana Nut Bread Cucumber Caramel Mocha Fruity Cereal Piña Colada Star Fruit Strawberry
Pricing Updates for Baller Jars There was been updated pricing for our “Baller Jar” concentrate. Please see the updated prices listed below. Gold Line: 14g – $325 28g – $575 Platinum Line: 14g – $400 28g – $700  
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Susan, I’ll briefly introduce myself, as I’ve just purchased my home in your district.  I was a lifelong resident of Saco and I’ve made the trek across the river to a beautiful farm property we’re thrilled to be rehabbing and making our own.  I own a few businesses based in the area primarily in medical cannabis, retail...
Maine Medical Cannabis Program Under Attack
Maine Medical Cannabis Program Under Attack The preliminary draft rule set released on January 5th, 2021 is an all-out assault on the medical cannabis program in Maine. Painting in broad strokes, it seeks to criminalize and penalize business owners for minor technical errors from over regulation, and to create massive economic barriers for entry to...
Scarlet Fire | Maine Cannabis Design & Development
New website featuring Brigid Farm brands, craft medical Cannabis info Over the last few months, Brigid Farm has been working directly with lead designer/developer Alex Swallow from Scarlet Fire to create a new website. Scarlet Fire is a small Maine based creative agency that specializes in cannabis and hemp packaging, design, logos, websites, and more. HAVE...